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We’re bright sparks at Sprite, and we live and breathe for that first spark of ignition that sets new brands ablaze and breathes new life into existing businesses!

We don’t just stop at one thing – we’ll light up your entire marketing strategy with our expertise in brand creation, web design, videography, content creation, social media and more… you name it, we’ve got the “lightbulb moments” to make it happen.

With our help, you’ll unleash your full potential and see your business soar to new heights.

We’ll ignite your marketing and turn up the heat on your success!


Brand Creation

Creating a brand that truly represents you isn’t easy. We’ll work with you to develop a brand that represents your values and sets your business ablaze.

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Web Development

We’ll make sure your website, often the first impression of your brand, counts. We’ll develop a custom website that showcases your brand and keeps your customers coming back.

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Social Media

Want to go #viral? We’ll create campaigns that will ignite your brand across social channels. From content creation to analytics, we’ve got you covered.

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Creating custom strategies to ignite your brand and bring it to the forefront of your industry. We’ll delve into your goals and set you apart from your competition.

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Video / Photography

Producing stunning visuals for campaigns or professional videography for your brand story, we’ll create content that not only looks great but resonates with your audience.

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Improving your online visibility and driving traffic to your website to get your brand noticed, with deep analysis of your website and research into your industry.





    9.00am to 5.00pm




    The Union Building, Rose Lane, Norwich NR1 1BY

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